Prevent Thieves From Bolting with Your Items


Do you own a safe but haven't bolted it to the floor? You may believe that "this safe is so heavy that nobody could walk away it." You place your safe and its contents at risk with that line of thinking! Over the past 30 years, we at FedLock have seen too many real-life crimes wherein the client had their safe picked up and carted off. The thieves then cut open the safe at their leisure in a warehouse or a garage. It's not worth the risk! 
A bolt-down kit, when properly installed by a professional, will vastly increase your odds of never having your safe stolen.

Locking valuables in a safe is not enough. The safe must also be secured.  FedLock has a team of safe experts ready to assist you with sage wisdom based upon experience. Contact us today to protect your possessions!

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