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Answering the Call

March 5, 2024

Did you know that we work on callboxes and entry systems? We do! We can help with a variety of issues: programming, troubleshooting, or replacement of hardware. We can also install doorbells with cameras and remote release if the entrance isn’t in the line of sight of the concierge or receptionist. Contact us with questions!

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Open callbox, showing the electronics and wires

Fire Code Friday: Stair to Roof Access

January 26, 2024

TGIFire Code Friday! 🔥 Have you seen the movie “The Hangover”? You may remember the bachelor gets trapped on a roof for a weekend. Well, thanks to NFPA 101, that should never happen in real life! Section is all about stairwells and states if a stair enclosure allows access to the roof of the […]

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Fire Code Friday: Continuous Hinges

January 19, 2024

TGIFire Code Friday ! Per NFPA 80.6.4, continuous hinges must be within 1″ of the door height. On an existing door, this installation may require filling holes from the standard hinges but will still meet code. A continuous hinge prevents the door from sagging, which not only helps with everyday functionality, but can correct the clearance […]

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Fire Code Friday: Standard Hinges

January 12, 2024

TGIFire Code Friday!  NFPA 80 6.4 requires that (2) hinges be used on doors up to 60 inches in height. One additional hinge should be used per each additional 30 inches (or fraction) of door height. If you have any tall fire-rated doors, this may require (4) or more hinges.

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Fire Code Friday: Closing Device

January 5, 2024

TGIF, it’s Fire Code Friday ! To help contain potential fires, a closing device is required on every fire door, adjusted to ensure positive latching on each door operation (NFPA 80 – 6.4). If you have doors that don’t close or latch properly, contact us ASAP for service.

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Fire Code Friday: Hardware Classifications

December 22, 2023

TGIF, it’s Fire Code Friday! Per NFPA 80.4.6, there are multiple classifications of hardware: *Builders’ hardware includes hinges, locks and latches, bolts and closers. *Fire exit hardware is an exit device labeled for both panic and fire protection. *Fire door hardware includes surface-mounted strap hinges, surface-applied latches and closing devices.

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Tech Talk: Silas

December 19, 2023

This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our communications team members, Silas. He has worked in various industries, and has been with FedLock for about 1.5 years.  Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?A: It’s hard to pinpoint one thing exactly because I am still learning. […]

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TGIFire Code Friday: Panic Bars

December 15, 2023

When installing or repairing exit devices, keep in mind these code considerations: -The actuating portion of the device must be at least half the width of the door. -Panic hardware must be mounted 34-48 inches above the floor. -NO additional locking device (deadlock, padlock, chain, etc) may be installed nor can you have any device […]

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Holiday Hours

December 14, 2023

Reminder that we are closing today at noon to celebrate our staff with a holiday luncheon. Service requests can still be left via our website ( or voicemail and we will contact you in the morning. Thank you! We will also be closed Monday, December 25th and Monday, January 1st.

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Preparing for a Winter Wonderland

December 11, 2023

The DC area saw it’s first measurable snowfall this week so it’s officially time to plan for winter weather. If you have concerns about air flow or precipitation, there are simple solutions! Contact us with questions or to schedule a site visit!

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