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Do You Have An Auto Operator? Do You Need One?

by FedLock 

In addition to assisting those with limited mobility, operators are a great help to those with strollers and delivery companies with a dolly full of packages.  We've all seen somebody struggling to get through an entrance and the door gets beaten and banged up by whatever they are pushing. Auto operators are a win-win for everybody involved!

Operators are also great for doors that get hit by gusty winds at times. The doors are pulled to a complete close and prevent damage caused by weather. We can also repair damaged doors caused by the wind. Call us and we'll send a technician right away.

Doors with operators can still be locked and secured. The hardware can be setup to work with key fobs or only push and go. Operators can be installed during new construction or retrofitted if your building is decades old. We work on many brands including Detex, Dorma, and LCN. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a site survey.