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FedLock In Action: Closers and Air Pressure

by Stacey Simmons

This time of year, we get calls about doors in commercial and multi-family buildings that are not fully closing. This is often caused by rushing air flow imbalances, due to strong, streaming commercial air conditioning units running 24/7. That being said, the door closer should do it’s job. The existing door closer could be the culprit behind a door that just won’t close – if the closer is not the appropriate strength for its location.

Above are two different closers. The one on the left is great for office doors, telephone closets, etc. It’s a quality product for low traffic doors. The closer on the right is a much better solution for high traffic entrances and doors. It has the extra “oomph” to keep those doors moving against strong, streaming air pressure.

Does this sound like any doors in your building? Contact us with questions or to schedule a technician.