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FedLock in Action: Continuous Hinges

by Stacey Simmons

Continuous hinges are the versatile workhorse of door hardware that solves and prevents many issues. Say goodbye to dragging and sagging. No more closing issues due to misaligned latches. Bid farewell to gaps and inconsistent clearance around the door’s edges. 

Door bumping the frame when the door closes?  Latch not latching when the door closes?  Lock difficult to operate when door is closed?  You very likely have a hinge problem.  We can rapidly remedy that problem and the solution will last for decades!

Continuous hinges distribute the weight and pressure of the door through the entire height of the door, rather than only 3 hinges, with much of that weight on the top hinge. Continuous hinges are factory tested to 25 million cycles so they are an investment that pay for themselves during the life of the door. They are made in various hardware finishes and can be used on standard doors, fire doors, and automated / handicap accessible doors.

The hinge installation pictured below was at a large shopping center that receives high-volume foot traffic. We removed standard hinges and installed continuous hinges at the major entrances. Problem solved! And future problems are prevented.