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FedLock in Action: Door Replacements

by Stacey Simmons

Do you have doors that are beyond repair? Interior or exterior, wood or metal, standard size or custom measurements – FedLock can replace doors! We can provide fire-rated doors, doors that include a window or louver (vent), and doors prepped to work with a variety of hardware options. Both metal and wood doors are paint-ready so that your team can paint them to match aesthetics and building standards.

Pictured below is a recent door replacement that our team completed. You can see the wood on the original door was chipping. As a balcony door, the Maintenance Manager wanted to ensure it was weatherproof and in good condition.

We removed the old door and existing hardware. The lever and hinges were still in good enough condition to be re-used so they were installed on the new door. That isn’t always the case, but it’s great cost savings when it does work out. In just a couple of hours, the transformation was complete and the client has a functional, beautiful door. 

Two technicians installing a new door.