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FedLock in Action: Pivots

by Stacey Simmons

Have you noticed that some doors don’t have visible hinges? Door with pivots have a pivot installed on the top and on the bottom of the door, instead of hinges that are typically seen on the side. Made of hardened steel, pivots are undetectable on the finished door, allowing greater freedom for designers and aesthetic appeal. Pivots are used on glass, metal, wood, and specialty-cladded doors. Pivots are suitable for many operations including interior and exterior doors, secured or locked doors, or dual direction movement (such as a swinging back-of-house door in a restaurant).

From a functionality standpoint, the technology of pivots is simple and goes back hundreds of years. An example of early pivot doors was found in the ancient city of Persepolis (current day Iran). Modern pivot doors rotate on a pivot hinge system. With a regular hinged door, all the door’s weight is ‘hanging’ from the door frame. Pivots can easily carry much larger doors – both taller and wider – than traditional hinged doors. Some pivots can even support doors weighing hundreds of pounds.

FedLock is here to help with all of your pivot needs! Contact us to schedule repairs or replacement.