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FedLock in Action: Vision Kits

by Stacey Simmons

Have you ever been bumped by a swinging door because the person on the other side couldn’t see you? A vision kit solves that problem!

Vision kits (the door industry’s term for varied sizes of window) can be installed on hollow metal steel doors and solid core wood doors. They allow pedestrians to have visibility on the other side of the door and also let natural light into the room. There are a variety of sizes in both square and rectangular options. Fire rated doors must be factory-prepared with a vision kit but many other doors can be field-modified.

Below is a recent installation that we completed. This door leads from a busy hallway into an interior room. Adding a vision kit allows staff to see who is on the other side and it also brings more light into the room. Some of the existing hardware was still in good condition so we were able to reuse it for cost savings.

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