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Fire Code Friday: Stair to Roof Access

by Stacey Simmons

TGIFire Code Friday! 🔥 Have you seen the movie “The Hangover”? You may remember the bachelor gets trapped on a roof for a weekend. Well, thanks to NFPA 101, that should never happen in real life! Section is all about stairwells and states if a stair enclosure allows access to the roof of the building, the door assembly to the roof either shall be kept locked preventing access to the roof or shall allow re-entry from the roof. If your building has a rooftop terrace or pool, residents must be able to access the stairwell to safely return inside the building. If the door must be locked on the roof for security reasons, you must also lock from the inside so that unauthorized persons cannot access the rooftop and become trapped. Questions about your stairwell-to-roof doors? Contact us!