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Happy Anniversary to the ADA!

by FedLock 

On July 26, the Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates 29 years. The ADA protects those with physical or mental impairment that substantially limits major life activities. The ADA is a 3-part comprehensive law, with Title III focused on public accommodations and commercial facilities. There are many things to consider but some of the most common pieces to keep in mind:

The opening width of a door must be at least 32" when the door is open 90*.
Thresholds must be no higher than 1/4" OR 1/2" if beveled.
Door hardware must be operable without twisting or pinching. Example: levers or push bars. NO KNOBS!
Operable hardware and controls (fob readers or operator push buttons) must be no higher than 48" above the floor.
If there are 2 doors in a series, such as a vestibule, there must be at least 48" between doors. If the doors swing into the space, increase the distance to 48" plus the length of the door.

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