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Happy Anniversary to the ADA

by FedLock 

Happy anniversary to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which has been in effect for 27 years. The ADA has five areas of focus, including employment (Title 1) and public accommodations (Title 3). These require reasonable accommodations be made in a building. This could mean replacing door knobs with levers or installing a push-button operator on doors. 
According to the latest census report, 56.7 million people in the United States have a disability. That's nearly 1/5 of our population! Of the nearly 57 millions Americans who are disabled, 20.6 million have difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Manually opening doors can make getting to one's destination even more difficult. FedLock has the expertise to install auto operators on exterior doors, bathroom doors, elevator lobby doors and anywhere else in between! We are proud to play a role in improving building accessibility in our community.