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High Security Locks

by Stacey Simmons
Manual, key-operated locks are the most common type of security device used to regulate door entrances. Despite advancements in lock technology, standard locks are vulnerable to picking or drilling. To solve the weaknesses of standard locks, “high-security” locks were developed and offer the following benefits:
Patented or Restricted Keys: High-security locks require that duplicate keys are available only through qualified locksmiths or the factory. Total key control is attained so the facility owner can be confident about the authorized keys in circulation.Pick Resistant: Most high-security locks use an extra set of pins that make them extremely difficult to pick open. Even if given enough time, it’s beyond the capabilities of most criminals.
Drill Resistant: High-security locks are designed with additional protection such as a hardened metal case and/or hardened metal inserts that hinder drilling. If someone attempts to drill these cylinders open, it is quite time-intensive and difficult to complete, even with the use of specialty tools and equipment.
FedLock can install Medeco, Schlage, ASSA, Corbin-Russwin and others. If you are interested in learning more about high security locks and developing key control at your property, contact us today!