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Silence is Golden: Hardware for Quiet Doors

by Stacey Simmons
Even the most well-designed buildings have pain points. One that we hear questions about is how to keep doors “quiet”. This often stems from high-traffic situations such as an apartment tenant near the trash room, an office tenant who can hear the common area bathroom doors, or institutions like schools, hospitals, and hotels who have lots of activity and don’t want distractions.

Common hardware solutions include closers, gasketing and door silencers:
Adjusting closers to the correct speed ensures the door is coming to a full close without slamming.
Gasketing provides a cushioned surface between the door and frame. It also fills any open space so that noise within the room is contained.
Door silencers, pictured above and also called bumpers, is another option for a soft material when the door comes into contact with the frame.

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