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Spring Has Sprung!

by Stacey Simmons

We are excited for warmer weather and spring sunshine! But the changing seasons can bring door issues. Some of the most common problems we see this time of year: 

*Wind damage from spring storms
*Water leaks from heavy rain
*Doors not closing or slamming – caused by air pressure changes due to HVAC transitioning from heat to air conditioning

We can help with these – and many other – door issues! To combat strong winds, there are heavy duty closers or crash chains to prevent the door from swinging open too wide. To thwart leaks, ensure doors are aligned in the frame so there are no gaps. Adding hardware such as weatherstripping and rain guards also assist with water diversion. Door closer adjustments or upgrades to a stronger closer can help with pressure issues.

Are you facing any of these issues? Or something different that has you puzzled? FedLock is your go-to source for all things door related! Contact us (703-525-1436 or to schedule a service call.