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Tech Talk: Andrew

by Stacey Simmons

Who better to ask about locks than the knowledgeable technicians who work on them every day? This month, we’re featuring Andrew. He has 5.5 years of experience and is factory certified to work on numerous products, including Kaba X-10 locks and LKM10K pedestrian door locks. Andrew is knowledgeable about a variety of products and can complete just about any type of job.

Q: What is your favorite type of lock to repair/replace? Why?
A: I enjoy working with mortise locks. Internally, there are a lot of moving parts working in conjunction with one another. It’s enjoyable diving in and looking through all the parts to find what is causing an issue and determining the solution. There are a wide variety of mortise locks and no two manufacturers are alike. Some locks I’ve seen in the field are nearly 80 years old, which speaks to their longevity.

Q: What advice would you give about home locks and why?
A: Learn how a lever or knob deadlatch works. When operating incorrectly, it makes it very easy to gain unsolicited entry. 

Q: What is the most memorable job you’ve completed? 
A: I worked on a major door project during the renovation of a government agency’s office building. The job was lengthy and required a lot of parts. Security was tight, obviously. The project involved a lot of logistics, planning, and organization. Scheduling and change orders had to meet a slew of requirements. It’s a job that I will remember for quite awhile!