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Tech Talk: Cameron

by Stacey Simmons

This month, we chat with Cameron. He has been a technician with FedLock for about 1 year. 

Q: What is your favorite type of lock to replace/repair?
A: Yale mortise locks are a well made, quality lock that I enjoy working with. 

 Q: What advice would you give about home locks and why?
A: Use reputable hardware brands, not a discount knock-off that you may find online. I also recommend getting your keys duplicated by a locksmith, not a machine at a big box store. Locksmiths regularly calibrate their machines to ensure precise cutting and this isn’t always the case with the self-serve machines. 

Q: What is the most memorable job that you’ve completed? 
A: My most memorable work order was replacing the door and frame, as well as rekeying, the entrance to a base station at a local radio tower. It was cool seeing the radio equipment and the header of the frame was removable, which presented a unique challenge.