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Tech Talk: Dina

by Stacey Simmons

Things are a little less technical this month, as we head into the office to chat with our behind-the-scenes staff. Let’s check in with Dina, from our accounting team. She has 33 years of accounting experience and has been with FedLock for 8 years. Dina began working with accounts payable and was promoted to Accounting Manager in 2017.

Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?
A: I’ve learned that a lock has a lot more components than I ever imagined, and a quality door hinge makes a big difference especially on a door that is used a lot. I can honestly say, I pay a lot more attention to the security of the locks and doors in my house! Also, some of the hardware we install/replace has interesting names like casket, bible, dolphin, and piano hinge to name a few. 

Q: Our accounting team is involved in many activities. What client requests can you assist with?
A: Accounting is able to assist with any invoice and payment questions or concerns our customers have. We provide COI’s, process payments, register FedLock on the invoicing and COI platforms our customers use, and upload invoices and any other documents as needed. We are happy to provide statements, invoice copies, credit card payment receipts, and seek answers to any questions you may have.

Q: Any helpful advice to ensure vendor records, invoices, COIs, etc. are accurate? 
A: Please let us know if the billing or jobsite address on an invoice is incorrect, if the person receiving the invoices is not correct or if the management company has (or will) changed. We are here to help ensure all of our customers’ transactions are as smooth as possible.