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Tech Talk: Jason

by Stacey Simmons

Who better to ask about locks than the knowledgeable technicians who work on them every day? This month, we’re featuring Jason. He has 3 years of experience and enjoys learning about different types of hardware.

Q: What is your favorite type of lock to repair/replace? Why?
A: My favorite type of lock are “new to me” locks that I’ve never seen before. I like to take them apart to see how they work and how to repair them.

Q: What advice would you give about home locks and why?
A: I recommend using Schlage Grade 1 locks. They are a quality product and provide good security. Their locks are also user-friendly and tech-friendly. 

Q: What is the most memorable job you’ve completed? 
A: My most memorable jobs was at a chapel. The piano was kept locked when not in use, but the key to that lock had been lost. The client had a funeral scheduled that day so I had very limited time to ensure they had access to the piano for the service. I was able to gain entry and the service began promptly, with the piano ready to play.