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Tech Talk: Kenzy

by Stacey Simmons
This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our communications team members, Kenzy. She has 4 years of scheduling experience, and has been with FedLock for 2 years. 

Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?
A: The most fun thing I’ve learned about hardware is that safes are not a modern invention but have been use in various forms for thousands of years. Early models were wood and “secured” with a metal band, and others had pins that could be moved to lock the box. I love when antique safe work or bank vault doors come in. I think the locks on them are particularly beautiful. They are great examples of human ingenuity and the rate at which we can grow and improve.  

 Q: Our communications team is involved in many activities. What comprises a typical day?
A: I collect information for clients and direct them to the correct department or create work orders accordingly. I assign work to technicians based off their skills and strengths so that our clients’ needs are met as quickly as possible. When not creating new work orders and scheduling, I answer questions from clients and provide updates on upcoming work. 
Q: Is there a memorable work order that you’ve been involved with? 
A: I got to schedule a work order at the White House a few months ago. It was interesting because of the additional security measures and layers of protocol that are required.