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Tech Talk: Shamar

by Stacey Simmons
This month we head into the office to chat with a member of our proposal team, Shamar. He has 4 years of proposal writing experience and has been with FedLock for 2 years. 

Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?
A: What’s fun and unique for me is that I notice issues with doors or locks when I am outside of work. For instance, I was at a hotel and the door was closing way too fast. I looked at the closer and it was leaking. Working for FedLock I know the closer needs to be replaced because it’s leaking. Coming into this job I knew nothing about locksmithing. The knowledge I have learned in two years is more then I have learned in any other job I have had.
Q: What type of information do you need to write a quote?
A: It depends on the type of work needed. For doors: what’s the issue with the door, type of door (wood, metal glass), location of the door within the building. For a rekey: the keyway, should the locks be keyed to a building master, quantity and type of locks to be rekeyed, how many copies of keys you need. And a general rule of thumb: sending pictures helps us to get an better idea of what is going on.
Q: Any memorable proposals you’ve been a part of? 
A: We were involved in a project for a federal agency moving into new office space. It required a few site visits, revisions, and multiple proposals to complete all of the work. It was a large undertaking but rewarding project.