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Preventive Maintenance

During preventive maintenance visits, we will make basic adjustments such as tightening screws, adjusting closer speed, etc. If the technician finds something more serious, we can make repairs on T&M or provide a quote for replacement hardware.

Preventive maintenance saves time and money, rather than deferring, which can lead to major repairs. That’s why we offer flexible preventive maintenance agreements! We customize each agreement to meet the needs of your building. The most common requests we see are for:

• Perimeter doors

• ADA hardware

• Common area doors

• Other high-traffic hot spots

You can tailor your preventive maintenance plan with multiple variables:

• Number of doors – can be just a few or 100

• Types of hardware – hinges, closers, magnetic locks, automatic operators, push paddles

• Frequency of visits – quarterly, semi-annual, or other interval you decide

Contact us for more information and to create your preventive maintenance plan today!