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Play It Safe

by FedLock 

Whether in your place of business or your home, a properly installed safe is the best protection against theft. FedLock can provide, install and service your safe. Safes are manufactured in many sizes and for a variety of valuable possessions, including important documents, cash or jewelry.

Once you choose a safe, it is equally important to have the professionals at FedLock bolt it to the floor. Thieves are industrious and they often work in groups. They will try to remove it from the house or office, as these celebrity homeowners discovered. Too many folks think that a heavy safe can just sit there and it can't be stolen. This is sadly mistaken – you may be surprised to know that many stolen safes are carried off by thieves to be opened at their leisure in a secluded location. A professionally secured safe will keep the safe from being removed and thus reduces the amount of time the criminals can attempt forced entry on-site. We've been installing safes for nearly 30 years! Contact us to speak with a safe specialist.