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Tech Talk: Kenzy

October 23, 2023

This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our communications team members, Kenzy. She has 4 years of scheduling experience, and has been with FedLock for 2 years.  Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?A: The most fun thing I’ve learned about hardware is that safes are not a […]

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We Hope to See You at the Engineering Expo!

October 13, 2023

Do you have plans on November 14th? Come see us at the Capital Buildings Engineering & Maintenance Show! We will be at the Dulles Expo Center from 9am-2pm. In addition to our booth on the expo floor, our own Corey Morris will be leading an educational session at 10:15am. Register here for free and check it out.

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Silence is Golden: Hardware for Quiet Doors

October 3, 2023

Even the most well-designed buildings have pain points. One that we hear questions about is how to keep doors “quiet”. This often stems from high-traffic situations such as an apartment tenant near the trash room, an office tenant who can hear the common area bathroom doors, or institutions like schools, hospitals, and hotels who have lots of activity and […]

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Deter Break-Ins With Latch Protectors

September 25, 2023

Have you had trespassers pry open a door or jimmy a lock to gain access to your building? Latch protectors may be the solution you need! Latch protectors are installed on outswing doors near the lock, and cover the clearance between the door and frame. This prevents access into the area near the lock so a tool can’t […]

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Fire Code Friday: Astragals

September 22, 2023

TGIFire Code Friday! 🔥 Per NFPA 80 (6.4.7), astragals may not inhibit free use of either leaf when located in a means of egress. This photo, for example, would not meet code because both doors cannot be opened independently. Questions or concerns? We are here to assist you!

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Fire Code Friday: Access Control on Egress Doors

September 15, 2023

TGIFire Code Friday  Have you wondered how to use access control while following fire code? NFPA 101 ( is your answer. Fire exit doors may have an access control system provided that:– A sensor on the egress side unlocks upon detection of an occupant approaching the door.– Loss of power to the lock or sensor […]

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Tech Talk: Daniella

September 11, 2023

This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our accounting team members, Daniella. She has 5 years of accounting experience, and has been with FedLock for 8.5 years – including a few years on our communications team.  Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?A: Most keys will […]

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Fire Code Friday: Locks & Latches

September 8, 2023

TGIFire Code Friday! 🔥 One of the most basic, yet important, points of life safety code, NFPA 101 ( states that “Locks, if provided, shall NOT require the use of a key, tool, or effort for operation from the egress side.” This means occupants exiting the building should be able to open the door with […]

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FedLock in Action: Doing the Right Thing

September 5, 2023

We are proud of our staff, not only for their impressive skills, but also for their professionalism. We were pleased – but not surprised – to receive this photo from a client. Our technician, Duane, was onsite to repair a main entry door. There was a person at the front door having issues with their wheelchair. […]

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Fire Code Friday: Door Operations, Part 3

September 1, 2023

TGIFire Code Friday! This week is the third installment in a 3-part series on door operations. NFPA 80 (6.1.3) requires that all swinging fire doors must be closed and latched at the time of a fire. The third type of door operation is power operated. In these situations, the auto operator is automatically disconnected during […]

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