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Tech Talk: Danielle

by Stacey Simmons

This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our accounts receivable team members, Danielle. She has been with FedLock for 4 fabulous years and has 20+ years accounting experience, in a variety of industries. 

Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?
A: With this being my first time working for a locksmith, I find so many things fun and unique, from the names of parts to how different kinds of locks work. I had no idea how much goes into rekeys and copying keys, or how doors work and the parts to make them work properly. It has opened my eyes and has me looking at doors and locks differently. When I’m out in my everyday life, I am always looking at the different types of doors or how well they work. Before working at FedLock, I never paid attention to them but now I can’t help myself!

Q: Our accounting team is involved in many activities. What client requests can you assist with?
A: We can help with just about any requests: invoice issues or copy requests, accepting credit card payments, billing updates, account statements, special invoicing or billing requests, COI’s, W-9’s and so much more. If we can’t help with your request, we will get you in touch with the right people or departments.

Q: Any helpful advice to ensure client records, COIs, etc., are accurate? 
A: Keep the communication lines open is very helpful. To ensure accounts are current, just send quick a email or call regarding any changes on your account, such as new points of contact or new management.