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Tech Talk: Kevin

by Stacey Simmons

Who better to ask about locks than the knowledgeable technicians who work on them every day? This month, we’re featuring Kevin. He has over 4 years of experience and has worked with many types of hardware.

Q: What is your favorite type of lock to repair/replace? Why?
A: I like to work on Schlage lever locks and mortise locks. They are very easy to work on and quick to get a replacement, if needed. They offer numerous functions, trim styles, and finishes. Schlage manufacturers a quality product and they provide great tech support with an informative website.

Q: What advice would you give about home locks and why?
A: I recommend Schlage because they have many different styles, finishes, and levels of security that will fit your liking and needs. I also recommend that all doors in your home be keyed alike.

Q: What is the most memorable job you’ve completed? 
A: My most memorable job was a residential client that had an old, antique lock on her front door that was not working correctly. It was a security risk and she needed the door to lock. She did not want a new, modern lock and was quite sentimental about this antique lock on her childhood home. It took a long time to repair but I got the lock working correctly and she was very happy that she did not have to replace the lock.