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Tech Talk: Sydney

by Stacey Simmons
This month, we head into the office to chat with one of our purchasing team members, Sydney. She worked in hospitality and food service for 15 years, and has been with FedLock for 2 years. 

Q: What is the most fun or unique thing you’ve learned about security hardware?
A: I enjoy the “Hail Mary” projects – when a client needs either a large quantity of parts or something weirdly specific ASAP, and then I get to hunt around to try and make a miracle happen. My favorite training was lockpicking because it is a physical puzzle. I also enjoy learning about fire safety guidelines because it was something I never noticed or thought about prior to starting here.
Q: Our purchasing team is involved in many behind-the-scenes activities. What comprises a typical day?
A: I start the day by gathering quotes and emailing vendors about factory orders. I then order all parts for jobs and stock. My purchasing team partner physically receives in all the parts and allocates them to the associated work orders. In between these activities, I process reports and field questions/requests from all the other lovely FedLock folks; as well as tracking down any orders with upcoming or past due ETA’s. Everyday is off to races, moving quickly and efficiently and taking advantage of every free moment to push through as many work orders as possible.
Q: Is there a memorable order that you’ve been involved with? 
A: A few come to mind! We ordered replacement hardware for a local university – over 200 doors! – and checking every single item to ensure accuracy was intense. There was also a special order for a high-traffic government building – initially, the factory made the hardware with the wrong finish, then had a 6 month lead-time to receive the correct hardware. There was a lot of follow up but we got it squared away and the client received their custom hardware. Also, finding European-style cylinders for the Embassies is a fun investigation since hardware from Europe is completely different from anything found in America.